This module focused on three important concepts that are not


This module focused on three important concepts that are not generally discussed much in business but play important roles for both the organization and the community.  Corporate Social Responsibility, Diversity, and Ethics are seldom recognized as part of a business, but offer important elements internally and externally.  Businesses are important to the economy in a number of ways. They obviously provide jobs which allows families to afford what their households need. They also inject the local economy with revenue for goods and services they provide. This may also impact the national and global economy in similar ways. But some businesses also recognize a larger responsibility to the community(ities) they operate from and/or segments of these areas that can benefit from their support.

Now more than ever businesses are competing globally  in some fashion in a more multinational, multiethnic, and multicultural environment than ever before. Listening to voices representing these groups has become an important part of business.  Including a diverse universe of thought is critical to the survival of business today.  Utilizing the ideas, experiences, and insights into a global market helps business to appeal to a broader customer base and employ a more diverse workforce, while offering a roadmap to a more secure future.

The workforce is changing to include similar dynamics involved in diversity.  As always, everyone has expectations that they are free to contribute to the best of their ability and that they will be rewarded, evaluated, and promoted equally and fairly.  They want to know that everyone has a fair shot at growing in the business and policies are in place that clearly express the importance ethics plays in selection, evaluation, promotion, compensation, and supply chain management as a part of business operation.  Policies should also encourage ethical behavior and punish unethical behavior and leaders should exhibit behavior consistent with these practices.

Think back over the material you read in the module and viewed in the PowerPoint slides for the week to help you answer the following reflection question.

QUESTION: Select one of the concepts discussed in the module and share what you learned that you were unfamiliar with before and how it has informed your thinking on the subject.  If you are inclined, find an example of a business that supports your point and share how they do it.

Remember, you must provide at least one paragraph (more than 5 sentences) for your post and comment on two other posts from fellow classmates (more than 3 sentences each) for full participation credit.  As you comment on other threads, consider your views, what you learned from the module, provide suggestions, and/or offer support from your perspective.  Saying “I agree” or “I disagree” is not a discussion response.  State why you agree or disagree and include your reasons..  


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