Hands on Lab 5

Submission instructions: Type your answers and copy all pictures directly into this Word document. Submit it via the blackboard submission link in Word format (docx).
We reviewed the major features of the axial skeleton in the previous lab and will now look at the bones that make up the upper and lower limbs of the body, our appendages.
This lab will teach you the appendicular skeleton as well as review your bone markings from the previous lab. Remember that bone markings are holes, ridges, projections, etc. that serve as attachments for muscles, and provide routes for blood vessels and nerves.
*If you would like to use the Connect Practice Atlas, please look at the intro to lab 4 for where to find it.
Watch these:
Bozeman Science: The Skeleton (link opens in new window-7:59): generalized view of the skeletal system and includes physiology.
Skeleton Dance (link opens in new window-5:11) Need a break from all that studying? Watch this silly Skeleton Dance from Walt Disney, it’s a classic (1929).
In Lab 4, there were 2 Crash Course skeletal video links if you’d like to review those.

The virtual skeleton laboratory will teach the bones of each skeletal division and the major bone markings.
Virtual Appendicular Skeleton Lab (opens new window)
Click on the lab and go through all of the sections. Please see the Module 3 Lab Study Objectives for all of the appendicular skeleton markings you are responsible for. You are not required to learn any markings in the virtual lab that are not on this list.
Activity 2: Pectoral Girdle
Identify the bones and markings of the pectoral girdle. Each letter will only be used once. (1 point each)
2. Vertebral border
3. Clavicle
4. Glenoid cavity
5. Scapular spine
6. Superior angle
7. Scapula
8. Axillary border
9. Coracoid process
10. Acromion
11. Inferior angle

Activity 3: Upper Limb
Identify the bones and markings of the arm. Each letter will only be used once.
12. Trochlea
13. Radial tuberosity
14. Olecranon process
15. Lesser tubercle
16. Trochlear notch
17. Greater tubercle
18. Humerus______
19. Capitulum
20. Ulna________
21. Coronoid process
22. Radius

Activity 4: Pelvic Girdle
Identify the bones and markings of the pelvic girdle. Each letter will only be used once.
23. Pubic symphysis
24. Acetabulum
25. Ilium
26. Pubis ______
27. Obturator foramen
28. Ischium

Activity 5: Lower Limb
Identify the bones and markings of the leg. Each letter will only be used once.
30. Lateral condyle
31. Greater trochanter
32. Fibula_____
33. Medial malleolus
34. Lesser trochanter
35. Medial epicondyle
36. Lateral epicondyle
37. Patella
38. Tibia
39. Intercondylar eminence
40. Femur
41. Intercondylar fossa_____
42. Medial condyle
43. Tibial tuberosity
44. Lateral malleolus

Activity 6: Hand and Foot
Name the 3 groups of bones that form the hand:
Name the 3 groups of bones that form the foot:
Identify each wrist bone. Each letter will only be used once. (1 point each)
52. Scaphoid
53. Trapezoid
54. Triquetrum
55. Trapezium
56. Pisiform____
57. Capitate
58. Hamate_____
59. Lunate

Identify each ankle bone. Each letter will only be used once. (1 point each)
61. Talus____
62. Lateral cuneiform
63. Calcaneus_____
64. Navicular
65. Cuboid
66. Medial cuneiform
67. Intermediate cuneiform

*All images in this lab are copyright of McGraw-Hill








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