Evolution PowerPoint

  Create a PowerPoint on evolution. Your presentation must be at least ten minutes in length if presented (just time yourself and read through your slides and information slowly; typically you will spend at least one minute per slide to give your viewer the time to see the images and read the information, so aim for at least 10 slides after your title slide). You must use only peer-reviewed or published textbook resources for your information. 
(A) Make a 10 minute long presentation covering an extinct species. Go to https://naturalhistory2.si.edu/vt3/NMNH/DT/scene-01.html?startscene=0&startactions=lookat(-81.33,0.48,83.5,0,0); and tour the National Museum of Natural History’s David H. Koch Hall of Fossils: Deep Time exhibit. Find a fossil that catches your eye and research that species. In your presentation include:
The common and binomial taxonomic name of your species
The time period they lived during (both year period and the name of the geological age)
The environment they inhabited (are they aquatic or terrestrial? do they inhabit fresh or saltwater? do they inhabit desert or wetlands?)
Their ecological role (are they a predator or prey? do they live in large groups or alone? are they parasitic?)
The purported reason for their extinction (did they go extinct in a massive extinction? did they get out competed by other species?)


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