Discuss how HRISs have helped HR to create a strategic business partnership.


Discuss how HRISs have helped HR to create a strategic business partnership.

LC 1 complete this discussion
Discuss how HRISs have helped HR
to create a strategic business partnership. Provide an example
illustrating the value-add HR has become resulting from this strategic
LC 2 reply to this discussion
Good evening Raquel,
You’ve hit the nail on the head with the role of HRIS in modern organizations. The strategic partnership aspect you mentioned is key; it’s not just about digitizing records but also about empowering HR to contribute to broader business objectives. Cloud-based systems are indeed a game-changer, providing secure, scalable, and accessible platforms for managing vast amounts of data. The ability to swiftly retrieve documentation during audits or claims is a critical function that supports both compliance and risk management. Moreover, these systems free up HR professionals from mundane tasks, allowing them to focus on more strategic initiatives such as talent management and workforce planning. This shift towards innovation not only enhances productivity but also positions HR as a central, value-adding component of the organization. The potential for HRIS to transform HR into a data-driven powerhouse is truly exciting, and it’s great to see such enthusiasm for these advancements!
LW 3 reply to this discussion
week one and nice to meet all of you! Regarding this discussion in
particular I recall human resources was viewed as purely administrative,
with limited influence on the future or success of the company as a
whole. While getting the foundational policies and processes established
is important, companies that want to differentiate themselves from
their competition and win in their respective markets must transition
their HR into a strategic partner. When HR is a strategic partner, they
can impact the company’s key goals and objectives by focusing on the
following five key areas: Talent Acquisition, Employee Development,
Succession Planning, Technology, and Culture. Identifying the needs and
investing the resources required to make each of these areas a core
strength for the company will result in superior results and make you an
employer of choice in the marketplace.
To establish HR as a strategic partner and identify and attract top-tier talent, they must:
Understand the details behind the company’s vision
Be involved in identifying and defining the current and future goals
Partner with Senior Leadership in the development of your candidate profile
Design and deliver a strategy for attracting and retaining key talent
LW 4 complete this discussion
Visit Gale Business Insights: Essentials.
Select a Fortune 100 or Fortune 500 company. Conduct research on that
company and explain how the company created a strategic focus using HRM
Description and Scenario
are an HRIS consultant working for one of the Big Four Accounting firms
in their Human Capital Consulting Practice. Your client is a mid-level
biotech company. Your company is expanding its technology expertise in
the biotech industry.
Your current workforce consists of:
Executive Management and Senior Management

Professional / Technical Personnel


Professional / Administrative Personnel

Manufacturing Personnel (non-exempt)

Non-manufacturing personnel (non-exempt)

Total workforce:

have been retained by the Vice President (VP) of Human Resources (HR)
of this company to recommend to the company an optimum (the Best Fit)
HRIS and Payroll system that would be appropriate for the concerned
company. This company is currently using ADP as the outsourced payroll
service and a paper-based model for all their HR administrative
The VP of HR would like your expertise to recommend to
the company an integrated Payroll and HRIS system that would be
appropriate for the company and fit the company’s needs. The company
does not want to outsource any Payroll to HR Administrative Processes.
task in this consulting assignment is to recommend to the VP of HR two
HRIS/Payroll integrated systems that the VP can include in her final due
diligence before she selects the “right” system for the company.
The specifications and features that are her musts are the following:
Automation of HR Administrative processes.
A Compensation Administration module.
A Benefits processing module.
A Performance Management processing module.
A Training and Development Administration module
An Applicant Tracking Module.
Payroll processing with an HR Integration Interface.
A Time and Attendance tracking module.
An appropriate report generation feature with custom and standard reporting features.

In summary, the VP wants to find a single system that fulfills the
company’s payroll processing needs and also satisfies the HR
department’s needs for automating all regular HR administration
Your task as a consultant is to do a thorough
web-based research study to find and recommend to the VP two
off-the-shelf purchasable turn-key hybrid Payroll/ HRIS systems suitable
to satisfy the wants of this company.
There are three deliverables to this assignment:
LW 5
write a solid paper, you need to have an outline. Create a
one-to-two-page outline addressing the main topic and any ancillary
topics that you will include as part of your consultation recommendation
(i.e., the final course paper).
Week 2 Outline Grading Rubric

All of the individual course project elements are presented.

Outline Details
Shows details in the outline and has proper supporting bullet points.

Organization and Professionalism
Proper formatting is free of grammatical errors.

A quality outline will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.

LW 6
Week 7: Final Report
report is to be written as though you are giving it to the VP of HR. It
should be clear, concise, and well researched. Writing should be
professional and clean without the use of unexplained acronyms or slang
Maximum 10 pages, including title page and reference page.
in your project work, you have to address the cost of purchase which
should include the cost of customization to convert the off-the-shelf
purchased system into a ready-to-use turn-key HRIS/Payroll integrated
solution for the company. Also, project the training costs and time of
current employees in using the new system should be included.
There are hundreds of systems in the market, and therefore the VP of HR needs your help to narrow down the options to TWO short-listed HRIS / Payroll vendors that would provide your client the highest value and return on investment (ROI).
your web research by using the search term “HRIS” on a search engine
such as Google and review the findings. You will find other sources on
the Course Research page. Use the link to HRIS Vendors found in
Webliography and research different HRIS vendors.
Also, you will find material for the Course Project in the following Canvas Class Sections:
Course Resources
Week 1: Lesson
Week 2: Lesson
Week 5: Lesson
Review the grading rubric below to ensure you meet all of the criteria to maximize your final grade.

Week 7 Final Report Grading Rubric
The following information must be included in your paper, and use the headings outlined below.

The introduction provides sufficient background on the topic and previews major points.

Analysis and Recommendations
thorough web-based research study finds and recommends to the VP two
off-the-shelf purchasable turn-key hybrid Payroll/ HRIS systems suitable
to satisfy the wants of this organization.
The project addressed
the cost of purchase which includes the cost of customization to
convert the off-the-shelf purchased system into a ready-to-use turn-key
HRIS/Payroll integrated solution for the company. Also, training costs
of current employees in using the new system is included. Benefits of
the two are clearly articulated.

Project Mechanics
the report is written as though you were giving it to your client, the
VP of HR. The report is clear, concise, and well thought out. Writing is
professional and clean.
All aspects of the assignment grading criteria are included. The assignment adheres to APA formatting guidelines:
Includes a properly formatted title page and reference page.
Intext citations were used correctly for direct quotes and paraphrasing.
Page numbers were included.
Paragraphs indented.
assignment was treated as a real-world situation giving the opportunity
to conductresearch and provide information as an HRM professional.

Total Points


LW 7
Week 8: PowerPoint with Audio Narration
Create an audio-narrated PowerPoint presentation that can be used to formally present to the VP of HR.
As a reminder, you are making this presentation to the VP of HR for this company. Presentations should not exceed seven minutes.
The grading rubric below to ensure you meet all the criteria to maximize your final grade.

Week 8 PowerPoint with Audio Narration Grading Rubric

Documentation and Formatting
Properly referenced according to APA guidelines. Correct spelling and grammar mechanics.

Organization and Cohesiveness
in a cohesive manner that flows from stated assumptions. Narration is
clear and concise and not just reading off slides.

Analysis and Comparison
and contrasted the sets of plans for each organization. Provided
appropriate graphics, charts, graphs, and tables. Provided an analysis
of this portion of the work. Discussed the concepts, ideas, or insights
that appeared to be the most valuable in understanding the causes of the
problem/problems. The presentation was supported by references.

Provided appropriate concluding remarks.

Provided appropriate References in APA format for all outside information provided in the presentation.

A quality presentation will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.



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